Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thought For Today

If you do not have a vacuum, nothing shall rush to fill it. If you already have, all you can expect is a slow diffusion from the surroundings. An empty pot is a blessing.The choice is yours. Carry your own or let the world rush in.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Freedom on Wings

Full Text of My Published Book "The Last Pass"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Loners

Neighbourhood noise Silence of the graveyard Away from these, The sound of the brook They call the seeker solitary And the brook too. Yet, they exist Only because the other is there Hidden from the prying eyes And the lifeless gasp. Noise is transient Silence is never for ever. Away from silence and noise The brook and the seeker Drift beyond the reach of time, The great devourer. Time does not like a rival You do not find time Where these loners are Alone, with each other.

Poem for a Poem

Make a poem of me, she said. Poem! No tears, no splash of crimson Not even the promise of a volcanic orgasm Not even the frozen time of cold moon. Poem indeed! Only the chemical river The cast off, still wearing the label A river. You turn your back The stink chases you, more than the thirst. That river is commerce As full of life of its own kind Life, fast and anaerobic, almost anti-life. A poem breathes, even pain does If not in the market, hidden it breathes. Go and find it, feel it, live it It is not for asking, it is for being. If you know, you are If you are not, none can make it.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Leaking Life

We do not need labels if our life is whole. If it has cracks, life seeps through these cracks. If one wants to live longer in terms of time, one has to plug the leaks. So one covers the pot with labels. To ordinary people this does not look like patch work. These look like hard won decorations. As older ones wear out, he grabs new ones. More the cracks, more are the labels required. Bigger the cracks, bigger are the labels required. One whose pot is not cracked, knows the truth. He recognises a patched pot. One whose pot is cracked also knows the truth. At least about his own pot. Only he prefers to believe otherwise.
P.S. I have developed this thought into a book "The Last Pass" which has been published. If you feel interested, I can mail the file.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Death Be Not Proud

If death is a turn in the journey of life, then I die every moment, for every moment my life turns. If death is a sleep then I die every night. If death is an awakening, them every morning is a new death. If death is an extinction, then too I die every moment, for the me of moment ago is replaced by me of this mo­ment. Whichever way you look at it, death seems to be an every day, mundane experience.

I am the World

The world is small Till you are small A small swift The world is silent Till you are drowned In the Ecstasy Called silence The world is a place Till you call it your own Maybe even home The world is an illusion Till you love it Because it is there. Blame not the world Nor even yourself For what you see as the world Is only a reflection in your eyes Beyond that You are the world.

It is Always New

After the sun or before it The sun is not, though it may be So is man If the sun is not after or before Can man be? The sun comes back So does man It is not the same sun Or same man or wind or wave Bird or god They never come back Even if they do.

Hide and Seek

When you want to hide Do so in my heart When it is me you seek Do it in yours.

Lost in the Clouds

The nation is but a thought in the minds of its citizens and it exists only through their actions. It needs filling only when it is empty. Truth is a layer of facts. New facts are added on top; lower ones are crushed by their weight. This is how truth changes.

Values and Democracy

Values are group based; opinion is individual. If there is a group opinion, it is either founded on a value or is indicative of formation of a value. Democracy and religion seem to be in conflict. Religion presumes a set of values imposed on us by another, even if we call it God. That applies to a dictator as well. Democracy is self-rule. Is there a self-imposed rule of religion?”